Montag, 24. Januar 2011

Super Macro Shots of my iPhone 4 retina Display

I had an idea for the 52 pics in 2011 on the topic "Macro": What does my iPhone4 retina display's pixel look like?

So I painted "Macro" in Photoshop. A letter is just a 4 pixels high, at the bottom there is a line of Red Green Blue pixels.


Pretty small and boring isn't it? So I opened it on my iPhone. It's barely readable. But if you take a photograph of it with a Sigma 105 2.8 macro plus an inverted 50mm f1.4 both at f4 you get this:

Macro - iphone4 retina display

Took some other pictures as well:

Macro - iphone4 retina display - 6 new mails!

just checkout my flickr stream ;)

The setup:
I used my Manfrotto with a Nodal Ninja 4 and a Gorilla pod to stabilize the cam. Camera Control helped a bit to change settings without tampering with the setup, as the depht of field is horrible. It worked.

pretty neat display I have to say ....

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That can be a nice logo by default.