Mittwoch, 30. September 2009

great photography books

I'm currently looking for great photography books for the advanced digital photographer. Any suggestions? I don't know if Ansel Adams is the right choice, because I'm not interested in developing my own film and my Nikon D300 is better in choosing the perfect exposure than I am - most of the time at least.

I read some great reviews about The Hot Shoe Diaries: Creative Applications of Small Flashes (Voices That Matter) - maybe I'll give it a try and will learn some skills about flash photography because I'm not good at it like I recognized at the last photowalk. I mostly stick to ambient light and maybe add a little flash from the front to lighten the face and eyes.

If you are a Beginner I can recommend Fotografieren: Die neue große Fotoschule: Die neue große Fotoschule (German) - it's very good.

Any other suggestions for books?

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Markus hat gesagt…

Ich hab von Ansel "The Camera", "The Negative" und "The Print" falls mal schauen willst.