Montag, 23. Februar 2009

New Website for LISCON

a couple of weeks ago we at LISCON decided to be part of VmWorld Europe - so we had to speed up some projects - e.g. a new website for Joomla. The old one was technically fine, but we all didn't like the design very much, so we decided to redo it.

First we started debating about using joomla again or going for typo3 or drupal. We need a kind of download portal to supply our customers with software updates and images. (LISCON builts a Linux based operating system for Thin Clients, a sophisticated management software for them and distributes Thin Clients with the OS, often the management software is on servers without internet connection for security reasons - so no direct update is possible - therefore the need for a download portal)

Because we had only 2 weeks for completing a new website, we decided to stick to joomla. In my experience as a customer expierence engineer joomla lacks beautiful and barrier-free html code, there are too much tables so I wasn't very enthusiastic about these aspects and a CMS needs special care to get a good usability. But this isn't going to be a pros & cons post about Joomla - 

We like it, you have to adapt to learn to use it but this happens very fast. We had great support from Hermann, who has got much experience with Joomla, this helped a lot.

First I did a couple of designs with different approaches, more text based, more web2.0 like ...

this one is more text like and should be like a warning what we would get if using too many of the features CMS offer - there's news, blogposts, polls, events, blogroll etc - all that kind of stuff nice for a private blog but distracts a lot - a perfect example is - a great resource for design but you do not know where to look at ...

There are Joomla Templates you could buy and adapt, but this would have meant too much restrictions:

And this is the Design we chose - nice, clean and you get the message immediately. There is no drop down menu - they are always a pain in the web and are used way too often. As well we did not use the 2 menu navigation joomla offers - what's the sense behind that anyway? (Example: I love the design of the citrix website - but there are 2 menu bars with drop down menus, it's not completely bad but not great either)

Yesterday we had fun with joomfish and copied the text into our site and my photoshop went hot ;)

We went on Air  at 8a.m. today and I'm very happy with the website, it's great. There will be some minor improvements in the following weeks and all products will be reshot - thus supplying new material for illustrations.

so have a look at it if you want:

Any feedback - I'll listen - erm read!

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