Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2009

Team Fortress 2 - how to make the scout more interesting to play

We (Kwentin, Unplug) are often having discussions lately how useless the scout class seems to be. Sure, there are players who are able to beat the freak out of you with the baseball bat, but mostly scouts are not much fun to play.

You capture pretty fast, but die even faster, especially when hopping into a sentry gun. Pushing a cart is pretty useless with a scout if there are enemies nearby, a pyro is a far better choice. Have a look at valve's stats - it's the least played class ( ~6,4%, comparison: engineer is #1 with ~16,3%).

my suggestions for the next update from valve are the following:

  • sentries do not do as much damage when the scout is airborne, e.g. they are missing him. This would be quite funny if you could outrun sentries ;)
  • some co op-special ability like the posibility to take a teleporter exit from an engineers dispenser, getting behind enemy lines and placing it there. Think of all the fun this would create, or maybe just chaos ... ;)
if you have got other great ideas - let me know. Let valve know ;)

UPDATE: scouts could automaticly mark enemy sentries in your HUD, isn't that what a scout should do? ;)

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