Samstag, 12. April 2008

Pens I use

Got a pen called Pilot G-2 recently from a friend and I love it. Well you may think it's just a pen - I know, but normaly I use ballpoint pens , which make my script look very chaotic. Fountain-pens (in German: Füllfeder, netter englischer Name oder?) are much better, but if you loose them or ink drops out ... So I really like these and they are cheap as well. Ordering 5 pens from Germany would have cost me 12€ + 5€ postage, from Japan it costs 9.99US$

[Pilot Pen website]

[ebay link (you may find a lot of other, even cheaper ones)]

Update: found a similar post, moleskine users love this pen as it seems:

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