Samstag, 19. April 2008

found out that a coin I possess is ~1000 years old

Have been at the Dorotheum today and found out that an old coin I possess is really old, about 1000 years. Unfortunately this byzantine coin isn't worth much, for an auction it would start at 6€ - I belive you got much more for that coin 1000yrs ago ;)

Description from

Romain III Argyre (1028-1034), AE follis anonyme, Classe B. Droit : + [..]MMANOVHΛ B. du Christ de face, nimbé, vêtu du pallium et du colobium, tenant les Evangiles. Dans le champ, IC-XC. Revers : Croix sur trois degrés. Dans les angles, IS-XS/ bAS-IL[..]/ bAS-IL[..]. Ref.: S., 1823; R., 1977; B.N. 67; D.O. p. 676 (Michel IV). 11,03g. Belle patine verte.

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